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Running out of steam - a whole lot in one go 13.09.2006
Three days in a Fountain 11.09.2006
Sleeping Ordinary has awakened.... 06.09.2006
A Father's Birthday Neglected and a Capris 05.09.2006
The Don goes missing 04.09.2006
Turkish Bazaars are not all they are cracked up to be 03.09.2006
Rhodes and the Knights of Maltesers 02.09.2006
Sea Diamond to Mykonos 01.09.2006
Forget the Crispy Creme Franchise - Greece is for Me 31.08.2006
Were the Monk's Secretly South African? 30.08.2006
'Much detail' in Bulgaria... 29.08.2006
Garlic, the difficulty with revaluing currency and Vampires 27.08.2006
Updating the World from Behind The Iron Curtain... 25.08.2006
Vienna 23.08.2006
Innsbrook, Verona and Venice 20.08.2006
Heidelberg, Munich and Innsbruck 19.08.2006
Springtime for Hitler and Germany 18.08.2006
The Trafalgar Experience Begins 17.08.2006
Portabello Rd markets, St Pauls and general ramblings 16.08.2006
Windsor 15.08.2006
Some Corrections....and Westminster Abbey 14.08.2006
Hampton Court, Tower of London 13.08.2006
The journey begins.... 12.08.2006
Arrival in London..... 11.08.2006