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Springtime for Hitler and Germany

Amsterdam to Manheim


We only had to get up at 6.15 am today. That almost seems ok.

We wake up. Stuff a buffet breakfast down and we hope on the bus. Jane goes into Gasen Diamonds in Amsterdam and Daniel wanders into Amsterdam alone for some Coffee. Well, ok he just wanders as a 'coffee' shop in Amsterdam sells marijuana and a Koffee shop sells coffee. The dutch are strange and it pays to not get the two confused.

After the stop in Amsterdam, we shoot down on the bus to Cologne or Köln as it is known in Germany. I wanted to type Köln as the keyboard has an umlat symbol! We see the massive Catherdral which is fantastic but it needs a good clean. It is incredible that everything around it was bombed but it survived intact.

Daniel has his most expensive trip to the toilet. One euro but it was worth it. A really lovely vestibule.

Daniel convinces Jane to try some Bratwurst from a local vendor and she loves it. Well, loves is a strong word but she enjoys it.

We are then on the bus down to Boparte in the Rheinland for a cruise on the Rhein. The weather is sensational. Blue skys and hot. The cruise is brilliant with all the little castles and the lovely homes they build in Germany. Not really an AV Jennings but pretty good. Yes, that was sarcasm that does no survive web communication. Jane is embarrassed by Daniel singing Guten Tag Clop Clop from the producers behind a german person. At least it was not Springtime for Hitler and germany which I had only been humming.

We have now arrive at Mannheim and we have found this little net cafe. It is pretty cheap at 1,50 per hour so Jane and I are both typing on our keyboard to update the blog. Tomorrow, we shoot off to Insbrook through some really pretty Canyon and Jane and I have the front bus seat on the Trafalgar rotation program.

The bus is very good. Yes you are a tourist but it is so easy. No carrying bags and they take you around. Without wishing to appear australianist, it is good that we are a bus of canadians, kiwis and Aussies. There are none of the people that elected George W on the bus and that is good as I would have had to give them a stern talking too. Mind you, I suspect I am at risk of that from our NZ contingent given their firm stance on Iraq.

PS: I miss home. I am pathetic.

(Note from Jane: Given that Daniel has now said it I can too: I miss my schnaus. Mock me all you like)

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