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Three days in a Fountain


We have arrived in the eternal City. We were told we were going to be in Rome for white night when all the muesums and shops stay open all night but the tour director made a mistake. Which was disappointing. This will be a short entry as the french keyboard is driving me nuts.

We enjoyed our time in Rome and we had a day to ourselves which was good. We toured the colesseum - however you spell it - and saw where Julius Ceasar was cremated. Also went to the catacombs and saw the Sistine Chapel which was amazing. St Peters was not as impressive as St Pauls.

Next, we are off to Florence for a fleeting visit.

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Sleeping Ordinary has awakened....

(and was soooo excited by the brothel at Pompeii)


I (Jane) have created this title as this is my first imput in the bloggs for some time, given that I have been doing a lot of sleeping for some time.

To explain the 'Ordinary', I took my hat off in front of an Italian today and was told that I looked beautiful in my hat, which I have taken as a gentle Italian suggestion that I should be wearing a paper bag on my head.

Before I move onto the next few days, I need to elaborate somewhat on the Don incident. We had lunch with Don on the boat, which was, say, day 20 of the trip. He asked us where we had been on our trip and where we were going to next. So as not to injure his pride and point out that he had no idea who we were, we rattled off all the places he had been, and all the ones he was going to. He still did not twig that perhaps we had been on the same tour for sometime.

(It was his wife who thought Steve Irwin was on the bus with us. Hmmm.)

We were both very excited about going to Pompeii, but in Trafalgar style we virtually saw nothing of it. We rebelled afterwards, having been given 25 minutes for lunchy and toddled off to have a leisurely pizza with another couple. We were the last four on the bus (just try and say something Mr Tour Director, cmmmonnnnnnnnn!!! I am writing this after dinner with half a bottle of red wine).

We did see the Brothel and a little bit of one of the baths. There were two plaster casts of people in there, it was very sad, you could see the expression on their faces.

I can't help it, one of our fellow travellers remarked to Daniel that it was amazing how clear the house numbers were after all the years. (They were the modern numerals put onto the site by the excavators). Daniel agreed that it was amazing.

Jane wants it to be known that she has ceased to type from this point due to fatigue.

After Pompeii we drove onto Rome where we were put in an incredibly small room without a bath. More to come.

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A Father's Birthday Neglected and a Capris


It should be recorded that I did not forget my father's birthday on 4 September 2006. I merely neglected to mention it in a fathers day message which was also very close on its heels. So, Happy Birthday dad.

We had an interesting experience in the A La Carte restaurant on the Bari ferry. We were served a mince pattie and chips. What must they thing of us or what is the tour company paying them (can't find the question mark on the italian keyboard do they have them)

Also rudest waiter in the world as well, raised eyebrows at any request. Refusal to serve coffee. Love it.

From Bari, we drove to Napoli. Then caught the cat across to Capri. We did not go up on the optional lunch but instead we went to the Blue Groto by boat. It was amazing. We went through this tiny hole that required a sweaty italian man to lie on Jane (pity it was not the tour guide who she thought was a spunk) and for us to lie on the bottom of the row boat.

The optical illusion is interesting. Neon blue water which was Emperor Tiberius' private swimming pool with his minnows (young boys that he made to distasteful things).

We then had lunch by the water and caught the ferry back after a spot of shopping and then we spent the night in Naples. They drive like maniacs here.

Tomorrow, Pompei then onto to Rome.

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Innsbrook, Verona and Venice


We had some free time to wander around Innsbrook this morning. It is beautiful and squashed between two mountain ranges.

We went to the Swarovski shop and Jane got a nice necklace. We were given a voucher to obtain a ´free gift and ensure a commission for the tour company´needless to say the free gift was crapola. No more commission from us!

We then hopped on the bus to go to Verona. It was very pretty but Juliet´s balcony was a bit dull and it was just a tourist lurk. We had some fine gelati to allow us to use the loo.

Now to Venice, Ah Venice as Indiana Jones exclaimed. This was the highlight of the trip so far. The lagoon is huge and contrary to popular belief it did not smell bad.

We went in at night by motor launch and made our way to St Marks Square where we had Spritzers while we listened to the band play for us at the Cafe Quatro. The band turned it on for the tourists regaling us with Don´t Cry For Me Argentina and My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic. Classy.

Venice was beautiful at night and the next day we went in again for a wander. People everywhere and lots of trinket shops. You get fined 10,000 Euro if you are caught with a fake gucci etc bag.

We had a nice gondola ride in the small canals which was great befor we made our way out to Burano the home of the lacemakers and fisherman. Every house is a different colour so you can find your way home when you are hammered. Good meal and we bought a tablecloth. Fingers crossed it is not from Taiwan.

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