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September 2006

Turkish Bazaars are not all they are cracked up to be

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I nearly did not make the boat at Rhodes. Well, that is as far as Jane was concerned. I knew I had plenty of time but she thought I was lost. It was very much an Indiana Jones "everyone is lost but me type of situation." Anyway, I made the boat and Jane was very kind in not knocking my head off!!

We arrived at Patmos at about 6.00 am and the last fishing boat to shore was at 8.30 am and we did not make the cut. We were just knackered. That said, it was very pretty from the shore and you could see the monastry of St. John from the boat very well.

Next, we sailed to Kusadasi in Turkey and we arrived at about 1.30 pm. We then took a trip to Ephesus. If you get the chance, go. It is awesome. Only 10% is uncovered on site and the rest is in the museum. Saw the ampitheatre where Paul spoke to the Ephesians. He would have been disappointed by the take up of christianity as turkey is 97% muslim. Our tour guide then tried to get us into the carpet demonstration but we snuck out the back of the bus. The people who did not escape were locked into a room for 30 minutes and given the hard sell. It is so nice to be a commodity.

Anyway, we went to the Grand and Orient Bazaar which Jane simply hated due to the hard sell tactics. I went by myself and bought myself two leather jackets. One of them is terrible. I kidded myself I could look OK in a Mission Impossible III Tom Cruise jacket but the reality is a look like a portly try hard. Mental not to self to get Jane to approve all purchases. Straight to Ebay.

Tomorrow, we return to Piraeus then the Acropolis.

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Rhodes and the Knights of Maltesers


Up incredibly early today for a tour to Lindos and the Acropolis of Athena there that stands on the cliff top. It was worth it and I did not even need to ride Michael Jackson to reach the top. That sounded bad, Michael was a donkey. He was 5 euro to get you half way.

We then went on a walk tour of the ancient walled city of Rhodes. It is the best preserved medieval city in the world and definitely worth seeing. It is a double walled city with two moats that did not contain water but lions and tigers. It was eventually taken by Turkey and the Knights of St John (a religious order that had nothing to do with the crusades) where forced eventually to Malta where they became the Knights of Malta.

We saw St John's Cove where St John allegedly crashed his boat on his way to Patmos to have his revelations.

The most amusing anecdote relates to the Knights hiding all their gun powder in the Grand Palace under the ground when they where forced to flee Rhodes. The Turks added a Minorette to turn the building into a Mosque. Lighting struck the Minorette and blew up the gun powder with all the important turks inside. Funny if you were not in there I guess.

Tonight is Greek night on the ship and Jane has been training for the Greek dancing. I have been competing in the food consumption Olympics and I have given up coke for the second time today. As I typed this I realised that I bought a coke to go to the loo. Old habits die hard.

Actually, I bought the coke after I used the loo at the Newstand across the road. The owner told me it was cheaper. There is nothing like a free toilet stop.

Tomorrow, we got to Patmos by little fishing boat and then to Ephesus the biggest roman ruin in the world. It is in Turkey and all the husbands have been told to prepare for the Turkish Bazaars.

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Sea Diamond to Mykonos

We boarded our ship the Sea Diamond this morning and we were greeted by a new tour guide whose level of fake intensity really got to me as I am running out of steam. She wanted us to all call her mum. No way.

The ship is pretty big and the cabin is alright. The food is absolutely brilliant. 5 courses for lunch and if you like you can have all three mains. Tempting though it is I have been good and only had the five courses. Yes, I did forget the sea sickness tablets so lets hope I do not get to review the meal again.

You could buy an unlimited drinks package for 18 euro per person per day for the three days and some of the couples on our tour decided that was better value than going to Ephesus. We got on the boat by about 11 am and they were refused service by 11.30 am. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.......

The trip to Mykonos took about 6 hours and our Captain Speedy Gonzales got us there about an hour early. We have all seen the pictures of the white washed walls and the windmills but it is just gorgeous. The wind was up so we did not have seafood in little Venice by the sea but the free meal on the boat was also a more sensible option.

I got the photo of the trip here. The Island has 4 pet pelicans who are huge and pink. They are also friendly. Got a wonderful shot of the pelican in front of once of the beautiful churches.

Jane got some nice earrings and we returned to the ship so I could see the cabaret show. It was a "Journey around the World" it was so daggy it was awesome. Food was fantastic at the buffet and I liberated some nectarines for our visit to Lindos and Rhodes tomorrow.

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