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We left Vienna yesterday and drove for about half an hour to the Hungarian Border where we got to collect a new stamp in our passport. Very exciting as the EU has made stamp collecting difficult.

We then drove for about forty minutes to Győr which was a pretty dull little hungarian town. We had some drinks at the Cafe Mozart and we basically waited for the bus to leave. As an aside, Vienna is gripped with Mozart fever for his 250th birthday and everywhere is full of Mozart balls (Klugen).

We then drove to Budapest for a city tour. The Hotel is pretty far out which is unfortunate but the city is quite pretty if somewhat dilapidated in parts. We had a city tour with Dora our city guide who was quite friendly and amusing. We went to the Fisherman's Bastion which was beautiful and afforded a great view of the city. We then checked out some markets where a lady offered to discount her sister in laws handiwork as it was not as well done as her own.

Today we went and toured the Budapest Parliament which is huge and impressive. We then went to a little town of St Andrews for some goulash and a traditional hungarian meal which was enjoyable. It was a bit disappointing in terms of the markets as it was meant to be the artist's village and it was full of knick knacks.

Tonight, we are eating at the Hotel before an early start to Romania tomorrow at 7.30 am. We may not be heard from for a while after that as we are unsure of the net facilities in Romania and Bulgaria. We are also then in a rural part of greece near Delphi.

We are typing this from a small net cafe in Budapest and the software is quite bizarre so we are not sure if this missive will reach you all.
For your interest, half an hour costs 400 forint which is about 2 aussie dollars. A coke is 189 forint!

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Daniel & Jane
Love your bloggs.
Dr M Luther had a schnauzer cut on Tuesday. He is gorgeous. Our new houise is great - much warmer.
Personally apart from Trafagar addons such as a balloon ride which one has always deep deep down wanted to do i would give them a miss. Especially the co called cultural accretions. aweful. And the plastic accompanying local cuisine is usually as tasty as those mock ups you see in japanese food joints.
And for the special diamonds and haute couture we bought a real leather coat for $80 in the Grand Bazaar (just outside if the truth were told but in Moslem words from the GB) and fools on the bus paid 10 times as much in the TT special joints for only 10% better and that was mainly the lining.
So as for the TT guides believe half of what they say and -50% (i.e. minus 50%)of the recommendations as they are clearly on the take.


by lindsayjan

So pleased to hear you are having so much fun. Look forward to reading your bloggs. Now you are off line while as you travel to those most interesting parts that most trips miss we will just wait in anticipation for the news. I did think of applying for a term in Hungary teaching English when I was at Macarthur so I will be interested to hear what you think. Do you get to go to any of those thermal pools that my year 10 exchange students raved about?
The most exciting thing is that both of you sound like you are tuned out from work which is amazing especially for you FRED. I think your boys will be best off with Helen as our Luther took some time to get back in line after his visit to the kennels.
I only have a fortnight to hols so I am looking forward to that. Probably going up to the gong again as I have scored myself a little consulting job that will pay a few trips up and back. Hopefully I will be able to help them work out where they want to go.

Love you guy

by lindsayjan

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